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Chocolate - A Way of Life

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The rantings of a chocoholic.

~ Delicious ~ Delectable ~ Delightful ~ Delirious ~

My Photo A Chocolate Practitioner

           Tampa Bay, Florida, United States

A bar of chocolate, a long soak in the bath, a nap in the middle of the afternoon, a leisurely stroll in the park. These are a few of my favorite things. They make me happy. I am a self-confessed chocoholic ... a chocolate fiend. I need to (make that must) eat chocolate pretty much every day. I also have strong opinions about chocolate. Of course, I have strong opinions about almost everything. There are some things I have no opinion at all, but if I have an opinion about something, it's a strong opinion. Now if you have an opinion about my opinion then ... good, then you have an opinion! Do you like chocolate? You crave it. I crave it. We all crave it. I'm talking chocolate, a food that's in a category by itself. Do you know that chocolate comes from the cacao plant - a fruit?


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