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ARCHIVED Dr. Dan Riesling, D.C.

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Dr. Dan Riesling, Doctor of Chiropractic

Member of Living Life Force


Dr. Dan Riesling, D.C. achieved his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1999 at the National College of Chiropractc in Chicago, Illinois.  His education included many self directed extra seminars where he got certified in Cox Flexion Distraction Technique and took post graduate courses in Herbal Medicines, Nutrition and Acupuncture.

In 2000, "Dr. Dan" traversed the 3 day Florida Chiropractic Licensure gauntlet, which has the reputation for passing only 30% of it's applicants each time, and successfully obtained it in his first attempt!  Soon after, he went on to obtain his Florida License to practice Acupuncture.
Dr. Dan Riesling is a well practiced physician with over 6 years of clinical experience.  His expertise also extends to being a "gateway" referral source due to his wide panorama of professional and personal experience in the Natural healthcare sciences.  This also made him an appropriate and valued Co-host of The Natural Health Association Radio Show in July and August of this year - his experience enabled him to relate very well to the various Natural Health Specialists that were featured on the radio show.
Dr. Riesling's treatment philosophy centers on structural alignment and integration through the use of his many learned and practiced soft tissue, stretches, and rehabilitation techniques.  He therefore calls himself a "Body Worker".  The doctor believes that when there is a symptomatic area, the true REASON should also be found which may originate in an entirely different area than the symptom.



Dr. Dan's 1 hour muscle and ligamentous treatment(s) strive to take a person's body from being:

Unbalanced ... In Pain ... and having a Mis-aligned Spine ...

to being Pain Free, Energetic and Vital, and having a

Balanced Muscular and Spinal Structure!



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