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Yellow Skin 

1.  Remove toxins from the environment (chemicals, etc.) to alleviate stress on the liver.  The liver is one of the main organs of the body for detoxification.  In order for the body to heal it must be cleaned of all toxins. 

2.  Eat organic foods only … again to relieve stress on the liver. Organic foods do not have pesticides, preservatives and synthetic hormones.  The body needs to be freed from these destructive man-made toxins, especially the synthetic hormones. 

3.  Eat raw food as much as possible, best if the intake of food is a raw juice diet.   This process will detox and heal the body.

4.  Help the liver detox.  Begin with one of the simpliest detoxifications - drink a cup of warm water with 1/2 organic lemon squeezed into it every morning upon rising.  Lemon juice is the universal cleanser and water is the universal solvent.


"I am not a physician nor do I treat diseases of the body.  Please consult your physician."


What is Jaundice?


Jaundice or something else?


Treat jaundice with the diet.


Blue or white light?


Blue Light




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