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Making Healthier Choices

Wholefood Farmacy

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Whole Foods -- Nature's Way of Keeping the Body Healthy

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"Let food be thy medicine and
let medicine be thy food"
Hippocrates, the Father of  Medicine (460-377  B.C.)

The Wholefood Farmacy opened its doors in March 2003 with a Mission to Educate and Inspire people to embrace the “Seven Principles of Health” which are the foundation
of a preventative based lifestyle.

                    The Seven Principles of Health 

                     1. Fresh Air & Sunshine                             

                     2. Water

                     3. Whole Foods

                     4. Physical Activity
                     5. Loving Relationships

                     6. Passion

                     7. A Good Night’s Sleep

To that end, The Wholefood Farmacy offers healthy, convenient whole food based meals & snacks, non-toxic personal care items, and a website dedicated to "self-care" and a preventative based lifestyle. 

"We have seen the future of medicine and
the future is food"

Dr. Mitch Gaynor
New York Strang Center For Cancer Prevention

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