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Karen L. Robinson is a licensed health care practitioner in the State of Florida (MA-30750, issued 2/2000). She is a neuromuscular massage therapist and bodyworker with over 15,000 hours of hands on experience.

She continues to study the body structure and its unique interdependent systems through Continuing Education and reading of books by well-respected authors in their field of study.

Before entering the health field Karen worked in the structured business environment of Corporate America. She completed 10 years in marketing/sales before entering into the world of human resource where she worked 10 years covering all areas of personnel.

Karen moved to Florida after retiring from Corporate America where she then became involved in the Alternative Healing Arts.

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Her personal story.

"I sustained severe injuries from an auto accident in the winter of ’97. My primary care physician – a chiropractor – began manual manipulation of the spine (adjustments). After three months I felt better but still suffering from chronic low back pain along with a debilitating weakness in my right leg. I continued my chiropractic adjustments and put myself on a regiment of stretching and walking.

"A year had past and I had not gotten any better. I went to an M.D. to get a referral for physical therapy. I had had great success with this form of treatment several years earlier for treating tendonitis in my right foot. The doctor gave me a diagnosis of chronic mechanical back pain and sent me to physical therapy (PT).

"After several PT visits I returned to the doctor for a follow-up where he determined that the treatment was not helping. He then suggested that I receive cortisone shots in my lumbar area (L1-L5). I refused this form of treatment. He then prescribed massage therapy. This was the first time I had heard of massage therapy for healing. I had always thought of cruise ships and spas when I heard the word massage. At this point of time I felt I had nothing to lose. I was physically exhausted from dealing with the chronic pain for over a year. I was miserable – I could not walk for more than 15 minutes, nor sit for more than 30 minutes at a time and I drove my truck with my left leg.

"A friend referred me to her massage therapist. The therapist touched the muscle that was the cause for all my low back pain and the weakness in my right leg – I started singing her praises. The muscle was not a back muscle – it was a hip flexor muscle! It took an intensive treatment plan to handle the condition and within four months I was pain free for the first time in almost two years!

"Massage gave back my pre-accident quality of life – all through a non-invasive, drug-free treatment called therapeutic massage. It was then that I knew that I had to give back to the world what I had gotten. I went to school and became a Massage Therapist specializing in Neuro-Muscular Therapies (therapeutic treatments). I’m here to help you and others the same as I was helped."

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