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Harvested from Land and Sea

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Over 5 Million quarts of Body Balance sold since 1996. 

Stop Gagging on a Fistful of Vitamins!

Start taking your Vitamins through Liquid Nutrition!

 Body Balance Liquid Vitamins & Nutritional Supplement

Body Balance is Life Force International's number 1 selling product.

Why?  Because it works and it tastes good!

"I have been extremely satisfied with the results of taking Body Balance and will continue to recommend it to my patients."  - Dr. Bruce L. Howe, CA

"My days used to be very stressful and overwhelming. I found peace with Body Balance."  - Crystal Benton, MD

"Body Balance has made a real difference in my life. I feel like my old self again. Thank you Life Force!"   - Cheryl Avis, MI

"Within 2 weeks of using Body Balance, I felt ten years younger! I've gained productivity in my days, lost my appetite for unhealthy foods, and feel completely energized."  - Tara Mezzanotte, NJ

"After 3 weeks of using Body Balance, I have regained wellness and a sense of well-being that had been lost for 15 years." - Mele Kyle, FL

Why Should You Take Body Balance?

Contains Over 120 Phytonutrients
     -Amino Acids 
     -Essential Fatty Acids 

Also Contains Trace Amounts
     -Macro Minerals
     -Trace Minerals

Supports the Immune System
     -Fortifies the body with essential nutrients

Supports Metabolic Processes
     -Facilitates Digestion

Helps increase Oxygen at the Cellular Level
     -Promotes Energy 
     -Promotes Stamina

Excellent Source of Antioxidants
     -Contains Antioxidants (anti-aging properties)

Other Benefits
     -Facilitates Elimination
     -Improves Absorption
     -Enhances Assimilation
     -Improves vitality
     -Promotes a feeling of well-being


Body Balance

Liquid, ionic, phytonutrient dietary supplement from whole-food sources:

-For the entire family.
-Beyond traditional supplements.
-Over 120 phytonutrients.
-Cellular absorption.

Whole-food Phytonutrients Enzymes and More! This amazing blend provides the body with over 120 naturally occurring phytonutrients!

Body Balance From Land and Sea

Aloe vera. The aloe vera in Body Balance is certified by the International Aloe Science Council. It is cold-processed and certified-organic inner-filet aloe. Aloe contains many biologically active molecules*, and is considered one of the most beneficial and useful botanicals on earth.* It has demonstrated many important health-supporting effects.* Even after decades of study, researchers continue to be impressed with new findings about this member of the lily family.

Sea vegetation. Body Balance is enriched with the phytonutrients from nine select forms of sea vegetation. The sea is naturally rich in macro-minerals, micro-minerals, and trace-minerals. These vital nutrients are the foundation for human nutrition and are readily absorbed by sea vegetation. These phyto-minerals are then in a highly bioavailable form for human consumption. Sea vegetation give Body Balance an incredible array of whole-food, health-supporting compounds not found from any land source.

Black cherry and honey do more for Body Balance than just make it taste good. Honey contains propolis and bee pollen, both known for centuries to contain health-supporting factors. Honey is the only food that does not spoil. Black Cherry contributes to Body Balances unique taste and provides unique health-supporting factors as well.

Body Balance is certified Kosher.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

Life Force International has been manufacturing liquid vitamins, calcium, weight loss products, and other nutritional supplements for nearly two decades. Their products were initially available only through licensed physicians.

In 1997, Life Force International opened its doors to the general public.

Their products are formulated to work synergistically when taken in combination, they optimize overall health, vitality, and energy.



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