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*  ReNew Life Clinic
      Bonnie Barrett, LMT/CT
"Bonnie is exquisite.  Her skill and gentleness in bowel irrigation known as colonics is A+ in my book.  You have got to try this treatment with Bonnie.  Once is not enough ... call her today and let her know Karen sent ya!"
*  Gatza Chiropractic Arts
       Dr. Julie Gatza
"Dr. Julie has put together the best chiropractic staff in the state of Florida!   Dr. Dan worked with me and today I am free from debilitating migraines.   Free seminars on health issues are offered regularly.  Call their office, 727-449-2008, and find out more!  Let'em know I told you about them."
*  LifeWorks Wellness Center
      Dr. George Springer       

"Dr. Springer is a delight!  He is truly gifted.  He aided me in desensitizing my body to a multitude of food allergies.  What a relief!  I am no longer groggy after eating my favorite foods!  Let him know I told you about him!"

Dr. Jimmy Gatza
       Dr. Jimmy

"The most amazing health care!  Detox your body with TotalShake.  Just let him know Karen sent ya!"


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