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Stevia - How Sweet it is!

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Cooking with Stevia recipes, a cookbook, FAQ, information, a link to an email list and more

Sinfully Sweet? The herb stevia is natural, sweeter than sugar -- and has no calories. People enjoy it around the world. Why won't the FDA let you?

Stevia : by Ray Sahelian M.D.

The Stevia Story all about the herb that's sweeter than sugar

Stevia: Sweetener of Choice for Future Generations research the international use of this herb as a non-caloric sweetener, and survey the FDA's rulings on the herb's use in the United States

Stevia -- the Natural Sweetener information, questions and answers about Stevia -- from HealthWorld Online

Stevia -- Too Good To Be Legal? answers to frequently asked questions about the toxicity of this perennial shrub and all-natural sweetener

Stevioside, "Naturally"! a speech on the nutritional and medicinal benefits of this herb 


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